Bathroom remodeling


Is your bathroom in need of a facelift? Bathroom remodeling

Most of us spend more time in the bathroom than we would like to admit. It also serves as a place to get ready for work, style our hair, and put on our makeup. It is also a place to snag just a little bit of solitude while reading a magazine article or catching up on Facebook posts. So, why not make your bathroom more than only a functional place, but that is also attractive?

The whole room

When we say “bathroom remodeling,” we mean it. We don’t stop with floors and fixtures, but we are ready and able to do a complete job down to the plumbing, the electrical wiring, and the lighting. Maybe you need more light in this space, we have options in lighting fixtures that will allow you to make the room as bright as you would like, and we can even add dimmers to enable you to vary the intensity of the lighting in the room.

Perhaps your plumbing is outdated and needs upgrading. There is no need to hire a second contractor for that work; we can do that as well. Maybe you want to add a double sink or a large garden tub. Perhaps you want to add a bathroom to your home. We can do all of these things in-house. Maybe you are remodeling the bathroom because of damage; we will work with your insurance company as they process your claim.



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Floors and cabinets

Of course, at Styron Floor Covering, we are best known for our flooring. Whatever your needs, from tile to vinyl, to laminate, we can provide and install a beautiful and durable floor that will serve you well for many years. If you choose a ceramic or porcelain tile, we will also build up a subfloor suitable for giving you lasting wear. Tiles can also be used on the walls and backsplashes to provide you with a finished and attractive look.

Cabinets are essential when it comes to bathrooms. We need space to store all of those things that we usually use while there. Plus, we typically need space to store extra towels and linens. The right bathroom vanity and other cabinets can create extra space by helping you organize things more efficiently. There are even ways to add a small magazine rack or cell phone re-charged while laying out your dream bathroom.

At Styron Floor Covering, our designers are ready to help you build that dream bathroom and make the most use of the space you have without allowing the space to feel cluttered. Give us a call or stop by our showroom for a visit. We serve the Winston-Salem, NC, Walkertown, NC, Lewisville, NC, Wallburg, NC, Clemmons, NC, Midway, NC, and Kernersville, NC areas and we would love to serve you.